Backing Systems

A unique secondary carpet backing, combining the main assets of the 2 most commonly-used carpet backings: woven polypropylene backing and felt backing.

A good carpet backing will help to maintain the life and appearance of residential carpeting. Traditional jute backings are complicated to install, will rot when wet and require more maintenance. At Belgotex Carpets, we employ internationally recognised backing systems using new generation synthetic fibres. 

ResinBac is a cost-effective resin backing developed for Belgotex Carpets needlepunch products. Extremely stable, ResinBac provides a uniform appearance and will not distort.

MiracleBac is a woven polypropylene backing system used as the foundation for our tufted carpets.

 - Makes fitting easy using any fitting method
 - High tuft adhesion
 - Uniform appearance
 - Non-allergenic
 - Rotproof
 - High dimensional stability
 - No shrinkage when wet
 - Moisture resistant
 - Odour-free

For superior grip on smooth surfaces.

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Premium mutli-layered backing. Tiles only. Available on request.

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