Carpet Styles

This popular carpet style has a level or textured 'loop pile', and is often made with thicker yarns for increased durability. Ideal for informal areas, Berber carpet won't show footprints or vacuum tracks. When installing, pay particular attention to seam placement to ensure an attractive result.

This type of carpet features looped threads of yarn in tufts of similar height. It can stand up to a lot of wear, making it good for high-traffic residential areas.

Featuring loops of different heights, this loop pile carpet has a uniquely textured surface. Great for busy rooms.

This style, also known as tip shear, combines cut and uncut tips for a textured appearance. Good for both formal and informal environments.

Like random shear, tips that are are both cut and uncut. With loops of varying heights, this carpet is best for informal spaces.

This dense, luxurious carpet features closely packed, level cut piles of half an inch or less. Suitable for formal rooms. This type of carpet may shed.

This style of carpet is distinguished by its smooth and flawless appearance and elegant look. True velvet cut has no twist to the fibres.

Known also as twist or trackless carpet, twist carpet features twisted or curled tufts, creating a texture that almost completely masks footprints. High–traffic areas like stairs or kids' rooms do well with this type of carpet.