FAQ – Carpet

What types of carpeting can I buy?

Visit our carpet overview page or carpet styles for more information.

What is involved in residential carpeting prices?

Some people still think carpeting prices are expensive. That’s simply not true anymore. Modern fibres make carpeting from Belgotex Floors your most affordable and stylish choice of floorcovering. Make sure you get a written quote from a reputable dealer. Your quote will incorporate the following:

  • The cost of the carpeting
  • Underlay (if needed)
  • Labour to remove existing carpeting and install the new one
  • Materials such as adhesives and doorway cover strips.

Always choose the best you can afford – price is not only an indication of quality, but also the latest flooring technology and materials.

Prices of carpets on our website include VAT but exclude the cost of underfelt and labour

Do I have a wide variety of colour and ranges to choose from?

The variety of colours, textures and patterns available in the Belgotex Floors range is extensive. You can choose styles to complement every room in your home.

How will residential carpeting affect dust and allergies?

The pile and fibres in a Belgotex Floors floorcovering trap dust until the next vacuum cleaning. So the quantity of airborne dust in carpeted rooms is much lower than in bare rooms, where dust is constantly disturbed by draughts and sweeping.

As airborne dust is a carrier of germs and allergens, these are reduced by the dust-trapping properties of a Belgotex Floors carpet. Home carpeting will not cause allergic reactions if regularly vacuumed, and is therefore an excellent choice for people with allergies to house - dust mites.

Many people mistakenly believe that carpets are less hygienic than other flooring. The reality is bacteria and allergens recur on ALL floors despite regular cleaning.

The truth is carpeted rooms have up to 12 times less dust than smooth-surfaced areas. Studies show that carpeted rooms have less airborne dust and allergens than other surfaces. The fact is that it’s the spores and allergens IN THE AIR whisked up off hard, smooth surfaces that cause allergic reactions such as asthma. Carpets actually improve the indoor air quality by trapping dust and allergens in their fibres, removing these culprits from our breathing space, for later vacuuming.

Did you know? Almost 30% of the population today is affected by allergic rhinitis as compared to 3.8% in 1968.

The appearance of new allergens (for example exotic plants and fruits and increased air pollution), poorly ventilated buildings (aka ‘Sick building’ syndrome), as well as decreased carpet sales are major causes. The filtering effect of carpets directly alleviate allergic reactions as proven by research in Sweden which showed the direct relationship between carpet sales and asthma – the incidences of asthma actually INCREASED as more people mistakenly replaced their carpets with other flooring in a misguided attempt to ease symptoms. 

Can walking on carpets really aleviate strain on your back and joints?

Not only is a carpet from Belgotex Floors safe, but orthopedic specialists confirm that they alleviate strain on backs and joint. Walking barefoot on carpeting also acts as reflex massage treatment.

How will residential carpeting help with heat insulation?

Carpets are natural insulators due to their low heat conductivity and help reduce energy costs for heating and cooling when there is a temperature differential between the indoor air and that under the floor.

They create an insulating layer between the cold floor below and the walking surface, preventing cold from radiating through the sub-floor and reducing the need for underfloor heating.

Uninsulated floors account for 10 – 20% of heat loss in a room. Tests at the sophisticated John Mansville Technical Centre Thermal Labs confirmed that carpets retain between three to seventeen times more warmth compared to hard surfaces by increasing the R-value – the thermal resistance – which measures how much a material resists the transfer of heat through the floor. The higher the value, the more effective the insulation. Carpet significantly increased R-value and results varied depending on the carpet’s construction, with heavier products generally providing a higher R-value.

The thicker the pile, the greater the R-value, which can be further improved by adding a high quality underlay such as undercushioning. This saving equates to a lower energy requirement and reduced carbon footprint.

In addition, research conducted in New Zealand found that the energy savings, both heating and cooling, were in the range of 8 – 12%. Findings indicated that carpeted floors felt warmer underfoot and did not require the heating that a smooth surface may, while they also promoted thermal comfort, energy savings and reduced green house gas emission which are a major cause of climate change.

Will residential carpeting affet the noise levels in my house?

A Belgotex Floors carpet soaks up noise, thereby providing a more relaxed ambience in your home. With virtually no impact clatter or echo, you can also enjoy more balanced sound from your TV, DVD player and hi-fi.

How easy is it to maintain the look and feel of a Belgotex Floors carpet?

A carpet from Belgotex Floors can be installed quickly, with no mess. They require minimum effort to clean and maintain - especially with Belgotex Floors' unique Ecowash system and Stainproof Miracle Fibre features. And of course, they won't crack, scratch, scuff or splinter. Modern fibres and tufting methods mean that a Belgotex Floors carpet will keep looking good for longer than ever before. Belgotex Floors back their products with comprehensive gaunrentees and warranties, giving you complete peace of mind.

How do I select which carpet is best for me?

  1. Fashion vs Function: - Select a carpet based on the amount of traffic and intended usage of that area, not only the colour or pattern you like. Certain carpet structures are better suited to different areas. Hardwearing loop piles are recommended in high traffic areas like passages or stairways as these not only wear well but also hide dirt or soiling until the next vacuuming. In bedrooms or formal lounges that aren’t exposed to as much wear, cut-pile ranges create a haven of warmth and comfort. Check the grading for light, medium or heavy residential or commercial use and select your carpet accordingly.
  2. Lifestyle: - decide what features are most important for your family needs and lifestyle and pick accordingly. Is it style or convenience? Safety and comfort? A combination of both? Cut-pile carpets are great for luxury and style if you’re a couple without kids.
  3. Colour: Always select a shade darker on the floor as colours appear lighter when laid. Darker colours make the room seem smaller, whereas lighter shades create a sense of spaciousness. Most Belgotex Floors' carpets are made from UV-resistant Stainproof Fibres so won’t fade or discolour in sunlight but check the care instructions before treating stains or marks with household bleach and water.
  4. Texture: Add texture and interest to your room by contrasting the textures on your walls and floors. Add softness and luxury with a thick pile carpet or create a tactile sensation with a high-low textured pattern which combines cut-pile luxury with loop-pile durability.
  5. Technical Specs: Flooring is subject to constant innovation to address concerns such as maintenance and hygiene. Belgotex Floors' carpest are made from easy-to-clean stainproof yarns.

How do I care for my carpets?

  1. Vacuum heavy traffic areas daily and other areas at least weekly: Regular vacuuming restores pile height and removes trapped dust and allergens, improving the indoor air quality. Avoid the heavy use of shampoos and powders on your carpets. These products tend to leave residual chemicals in the carpet if not rinsed properly, which has the effect of sticking to the carpet fibres actually “glueing” dirt into the carpet.
  2. Clean stains pronto!: Speed is critical to prevent spills from penetrating the pile fibres, thus rendering the stain permanent. With Belgotex Floors’ Stainproof Miracle Fibre™ (polypropylene) and Stainproof SDX™ (nylon), stain removal is easy! Simply spray the spot with a solution of warm water and household bleach mixed 50/50 and soak up the excess moisture with paper towelling. This method can only be used on carpets carrying these logos as household bleach will damage carpets made from other materials.
  3. Avoid spreading the spill: by mopping up excess liquids from the outer edge inwards and dab and blot the moisture using towelling or paper towels. Never scrub at the carpet as rubbing distorts the pile.
  4. Older unidentified stains: must be treated using a weak solution of dishwashing liquid and cold water and a sponge. A solution of cloudy ammonia (diluted 1:10 cold water) is effective on greasy marks and should be finally rinsed with a solution of vinegar (mixed 1:10 cold water). Rinse thoroughly with plain water.
  5. “Steamclean”: every 6 months or at least annually “Steamcleaning” is actually a misnomer for the spray/extraction method of hot water cleansing which is recommended by Belgotex Floors. All carpets from Belgotex undergo the ECOWASH cleaning process (in effect a factory steamclean) to remove the natural lubricant used during the manufacturing process and enhance the colour and texture of each carpet. A professional steamclean once a year will keep your carpet looking lovely and extend its lifespan.