SDX Soft™

Soft and Strong - two words with opposite meanings that you don’t expect to describe a carpet. In fact, you’d expect one or the other. But that’s exactly what new SDX Soft yarn from Belgotex Floors is – Soft AND Strong!

New SDX Soft yarn from Belgotex Floors combines the superior performance characteristics of stain-proof SDX (Solution Dyed Nylon for X-treme Conditions) with unbelievable softness. Offering the same sheer texture of fine silk carpets, but with the added strength and durability of modern stain-proof textiles, new SDX Soft is both delicate but durable.

SOFT describes the sensuous silkiness of fine decitex fibres, while the strength is derived from our high-twist technology. Renowned for excellent wear, stain-resistance and exceptional colourfastness, SDX is the ultimate yarn for long-lasting comfort and convenience. It won’t fade in sunlight, is easy to clean with modern household detergents, yet retains its magnificent appearance and resilience over years of use. SOFT provides the finesse for the fabulous luxurious feel.

Deep, Deeper, Deepest
Three new cut-pile ranges made from this new hi-tech fibre were launched by Belgotex Floors in May 2014. Irresistibly touchable with a delicate sheen, these soft and silky carpets – Essence, Reflection and Vogue – offer sheer luxury and style. Each range offers luscious, thick and cosy cut-pile comfort in different grammages, with a shimmer that reflects light beautifully.
Graded for heavy residential use with various price points guaranteed to suit any budget, these carpets are stainproof and will replace the old space-dyed ranges making the entire Belgotex Floors carpet collection completely stain-resistant. The yarn exhibits exceptional clarity and colour saturation as the colour is added in the yarn’s molten state during production so it will not lift or fade with cleaning or exposure to sunlight.

The latest SDX “soft” technology combined with exceptional stain, soil and colourfast properties, puts ESSENCE in a field of its own. With the vast colour palette and offering superior soft comfort underfoot, this affordable and lustrous cut pile carpet is guaranteed to enhance any residential interior.

REFLECTION is a luxurious, aesthetically lustrous yet affordable, cut pile carpet. The combination of durability, outstanding performance and superior stain resistance together with the luxury of soft underfoot comfort, makes this range a perfect choice for the discerning homeowner.

VOGUE is an upmarket, luxurious, deep-pile carpet, offering the interior decorator or homeowner unsurpassed colour choice and quality with the indulgence of super soft underfoot comfort.