Duraturf - Before and After

Duraturf is the no mud, no dust, peace- of-mind solution for those all-important occasions.

It will add a touch of class to walkways, marquees and garden parties. It adds intrigue and appeal to exhibition stands and garden shows, with comfort and easy maintenance always on the menu for al fresco dining in outdoor restaurants and tea gardens.

 duraturf before after hotel

Outside the home, Duraturf is popping up in areas where natural grass wouldn’t be seen dead – from office parks and shopping malls to gyms, exhibitions and much more. There’s no limit to what you can do with the natural inspiration of Duraturf. Welcome to our world of evergreen solutions for just about any residential, commercial or leisure application. Duraturf is a great overlay for slasto and tiles, for entertainment areas, corporate relaxation and pause areas and it’s perfect for creating your own home multi-functional areas. 

Installing Duraturf as a DIY project is as simple as laying a normal carpet. However, it is recommended that shaped or intricate installations be installed professionally to ensure optimal product performance.


Duraturf is not only being installed as an artificial lawn, it’s also used inside the home and around pools and play areas. It’s adding comfort and brightening up patios, verandahs and sundecks.




View the Duraturf Brochure here