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With Duraturf Artificial Grass you can enjoy the look and feel of perfectly manicured grass all year round without the hassles. The fake grass is easy to shape, install and maintain. It is exceptionally durable and safe for both your children and pets. There is a 6 year warranty on the artificial grass and it is not only confined to the garden. Duraturf Artificial Grass is popping up in areas where natural grass would not normally be seen.


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Types Of Yarn – Polyethylene

With our monofilament and fibrillated polyethylene yarns our colour pigments are locked into the molecular structure of the fibre.  This ensures that we have permanent and uniform colour saturation.  The yarn is also softer with less abrasion characteristics and has realistic looking grass blades.
Our yarns are produced using global trends in colour, shape and texture. This ensures that our products are in line with world standards. All products except DIY Turf (polypropylene) are constructed using Polyethylene yarns.


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Types Of Products – Non-Infill & Infill

Within the landscape range we have non infill products and infill products. Non infill products need to be rolled out, shaped and glued to the necessary substrate.

Infill products need to be rolled out, shaped and then a 80 % round 0.8mm – 1.6 mm Dry Silica sand applied and brushed into the carpet. The edges are then glued to the necessary substrate.


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