Warranty & Guarantee - Vinyl

1. Belgotex Floors provides a warranty that:
• Belgotex vinyl flooring will be free of manufacturing defects.
• If such defect occurs, upon a verification of the defect, Belgotex Floors will authorise repair or replacement of the affected area.

2. This warranty does not include the following:
• Improper installation – not professionally installed or improper adhesive/trowel used. Workmanship errors should be addressed to the contractor who installed the floor.
• Installed with obvious manufacturing defects.
• Improper maintenance; dulled by soaps, detergents, harsh chemicals, dressings, one-step cleaners or wax.
• Damaged by narrow tipped heels, burns, cigarette burns, cuts, scratches, gouges and indentations including damage from improper floor protectors and furniture rests; staining caused by dyes tracked from carpet, fertilizers, coal, tar, driveway sealers, oil drippings or other similar materials; faded or discoloured by sunlight or heat generation.
• Problems or damage due to moisture and/or alkalinity in sub floor; discoloration or bond release from hydrostatic pressure or excessive moisture caused by flooding, plumbing and appliance leaks and water leakage.
• Different from samples or printed material in shade, colour or embossing.
• The flooring must be protected from direct sunlight, as uncontrolled expansion of the material can take place.

3. Other limitations:
• This warranty is not transferrable.
• Manufacturing defect must be reported within 3 months from the date of purchase.
• This warranty covers only properly installed and maintained floors. • Belgotex Floors excludes and will not pay for any consequential or incidental damages under this limited warranty.
• Belgotex Floors will not pay for the loss of time, inconvenience or other incidental expenses incurred during initial installation.
• Belgotex Floors reserves the right of final judgment and may refuse claims in certain instances.
• No representative, employee, or agent of Belgotex Floors is authorised to modify or change the limited warranty as stated herein.

4. How to contact us:
This warranty service is available only by notice to Belgotex Floors through the floor-covering dealer from whom the purchase was made. Notification must be accompanied by a copy of the original receipt and can only be authorised by Belgotex Floors.

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